May 17, 2009

Baby Berry Plants!

Current berry plant count: 3!
Total berries harvested: 0

The strawberry planter kit has sprouted THREE little berry plants! Look see!

I'm a little nervous now that there are three plants, because how they will get germinated? Thinking back to my elementary school science days- don't the flowers need to get "bee'd", or pollinated, so they'll actually grow berries?

If anyone has any knowledge about this, please share in the comments section. I can always put the planter outside for a few days and hope my flowers get lucky with the bee traffic.

So let's say the berries do grow, I will need to relocate them to an out-of-cockapoo-reach space. At my old house I grew strawberries and raspberries outside, but when we would let the dog out at night to go to the bathroom he would eat them! These ones are inside, which will make it even easier for him to grab a quick treat.

Even small gardens take lots of planning!


Brian said...

Congratulations. You are right, but I'm not quite sure how to pollinate them manually other than setting them outside. I've read about using small paint brushes to do it, but haven't actually done it.

We have an orange tree inside our screened in porch and it never grows oranges and doesn't bloom. I've been told it's a pollination issue by "those in the know". Unfortunately, I'm not one "in the know" about the specific in's and out's of pollination.

I knew I should have stayed a Holiday Inn Express last night (lol).

Lilli said...

I think I'll put it outside a couple of days once it grows flowers just to see if that might work. That photo from the kit showed strawberries, dang it, and I'm gonna grow some!

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