October 19, 2008

Worms on Vacation

Really, I was the one on vacation- but the worms got a vacation from me and my prying eyes! Although there was no chance of my verminophobic mom feeding or checking in on my herd while I was away, that was NO PROBLEM.

One of the great things about worms and organic recycling is the tiny amount of time and attention it takes. Make the bin, put in the worms, save up and throw in the scraps, give a few sprays of water to keep it moist, and you are pretty much done for the week.

Right before we left to go away, I fed the squirmers a bunch of rotten bananas and a huge bowl of fruit and veggie scraps, including their favorite- cantaloupe rinds. For this particular time, I did not puree it because I wanted it to break down slowly while we were away, kind of a controlled time-release feeding.

Then I gave them a quick dousing with the watering can.

And that was the end of "pre-vacation" prep.

I packed my bags, left, had a ball, and returned to find a super-productive worm wigwam, and a very happy mother that didn't have to get involved with the family business while I was away.

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