October 26, 2008

Rolling on the River

I was so caught up with feeding the worms before I left for vacation, I forgot the camera.

Luckily, the same co-worker that has supplied my worms with an endless supply of scraps also remembers to take her camera when she goes on fun trips! While the worms were safe, sound, and well fed in PA, we were kayaking down the Colorado River somewhere in Arizona. This is right near Emerald Cave- which turned out to be way smaller but much more emerald than I anticipated.

The trip included a hike mostly downhill through some interesting rock mountains and formations, a soak in the natural hot springs, and kayaking. I was disappointed- no encounters with any rattlesnakes or scorpions (too cold this time of year the guide said), but we did get to see some big horned sheep.

The most death-defying part of the trip was when the guide picked us/drove us back to the hotel. We weaved in & out of Las Vegas rush hour traffic like a bat out of Hades and passed vehicles at mach-speed in a 10 passenger van!

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