October 3, 2008

Worms for All Seasons

It's been getting colder and stormier this autumn season, and we even had a double rainbow a few days ago. However, you can see from all those green trees no leaves have started changing.

With the worms mere inches from the top of the wigwam, I am about to fly into overdrive with Lilliworm.

I'm on the search for some good organic-y, recycled, earth-friendly labels to attach to the drawstring cotton bags for the castings.

I'm not sure how large to make the label, because I want to include short instructions and info about the castings. I also have all the stuff to make the teabags and smaller drawstring bags for them, too, and they'll need different labels.

Once you've used up the castings or teabags from the drawstring bag, you can turn it inside out and throw it in the washing machine for a good cleaning. Then, the possibilities to reuse it are endless: store seeds or bulbs, beads, screws, nails, nuts & bolts; separate jewelery; use as a camera, cellphone, or blackberry pouch; throw in some dog treats and keep it in the car for dog adventure days; use as a small makeup bag; and on and on and on!

I can't wait to launch the new Lilliworm website, and hope to have it up and running by the end of the month so I can begin to take some orders- hooray!

The timing of the Lilliworm project has gone extremely well considering the other responsibilities I have, and it's exciting to see it coming together. I'll finally be able to get some recycled organic goodness out into the world, courtesy of my small, hard-working herd!

Even though at times it was moving painfully slow, I've tried to keep in mind that the tortoise beat the hare.

Halloween is right around the bend, and as I was decorating this week I snapped this cool semi-scary photo of Benj laying on the floor. Remember "Bat-Boy" from the Weekly World News?


Lisa said...

you have a very cool blog!!

Lilli said...

Thanks so much. I try to keep on the topic of worms, but I always end up throwing something else in!