November 19, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Trash Pickup & Handy Bag Holder

Trash pickup time! I couldn't stand the garbage accumulating on my favorite country road, so I headed out to remedy the situation this weekend.

First, I finally got around to constructing (read: having my husband construct) the handy bag holder I mentioned in an earlier post.

For comparison purposes, here's the one featured on Thrifty Fun:
Make Your Own Bag Holder

And here's the version I/we created at home:

do it yourself garbage bag holder
Some notable differences between the two:

     -Rather than purchasing an aluminum rod (which the Home Depot associate seemed to deny existed, but then wanted an in-depth summary of the project), we just ended up using some copper pipe we had in the garage left over from the plumbing when our house was built.
     -Instead of rubber tubing to soften the grip of the handle, we used some flexible PVC we had remaining from the garden fencing we constructed in the spring.

I have to reiterate to everyone traveling this route and any other that tosses their stuff out the window- WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Wherever you have been, there is a garbage can. Wherever you are going, there is a garbage can. THROW YOUR GARBAGE IN IT. Ugh!

I covered less than a mile and gathered 8 bags of garbage:trash pickup map

Just so local residents are aware, the Vodka Bandit is still on the loose, throwing half gallon empty bottles stuffed into plastic bags at regular intervals along the road.  I picked up a minimum of 25 this time!

Other interesting items:

-Beyonce CD, but I've learned my lesson on this one.. once upon a time I stuck a CD I found on a walk into my old car and it got stuck, volume up, and the radio would not turn off even when I turned off the car. I had to drive to Best Buy and have them disconnect the battery to get the dang thing to stop and eject. Never again!  Goodbye, Beyonce!

-Endless amounts of Halloween candy wrappers. Parents or kids? Who knows, but favorites are Snickers and Reese's.

-More Turner's Iced Tea cartons than one person could comfortably drink in two and a half months. Clearly there are multiple culprits.

Hopefully, this pick up lasts until after the holidays!

Just one more gory, post-Halloween update from the bin....whoa...
worm wigwam spooky pumpkins
And, of course, the pumpkin seeds I couldn't remove have sprouted in full force:
worm wigwam sprouting seeds

Closer, closer, closer:
worm wigwam sprouting seeds
Coming soon: gift recommendations for beginner worm farmers and new organic gardeners- 'tis the season!

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