November 4, 2012

Post-Halloween in the Worm Wigwam

With Hurricane Sandy causing some turmoil with Trick-or-Treating times in my township, we held off on pumpkin carving until yesterday.

Halloween is kind of like Christmas for the worms, as they absolutely ADORE eating the pumpkin guts and left over jack-o-lanterns. 

So here's how this year played out...

First, I was determined to create a more efficient pumpkin-carving station on our bar:
pumpkin carving
The first clear bowl was for the seedless pumpkin parts to be dumped into the Wigwam.

The second red bowl was filled with hot water to put the seeds still attached to pulp, so they'd separate easier.

The third yellow bowl had melted butter, soy sauce, and salt for the clean seeds to soak in before they were baked into a delish snack.

Funny side note- the hubby has a weird allergy to pumpkin seeds which I have to remind him of every year. He gets an upset stomach, turns real red, and gets overheated. I'm fine with them, so more for me!

The clear worm bowl eventually looked like this, with a few seeds slipping in:
pumpkin guts
 The finished jack-o-lanterns, pre-trick-or-treating:
pumpkin carving
The Wigwam has been hopping lately, especially with the addition of the end of garden season funky vegetables. As I opened it to snap this pic, there were worms squirming all over in a composting frenzy:
worm wigwam
 Happy Halloween, wormies!
pumpkins in the worm wigwam
Although it would be great if the worms just jumped into action with the pumpkins above the surface, they prefer their food be buried (and I prefer to be fruit-fly-less).

The last step was to cover what I could so they could enjoy their feast:
pumpkins in worm wigwam
On one of my last posts, someone had commented this would go a lot easier if I mushed up the pumpkins- and I agree...BUT this way is so much more fun!

Stay tuned this week for some super freaky update pics!

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