September 26, 2012

Worm Business as Usual

As I plan my worm empire over at Lilliworm, it's good to have heroes and role models!

Throughout the past few years, I've read up on, tweeted, and emailed successful wormers and composters to see what they were doing right in their business so that I could one day squiggle along in their tracks.

In vermicomposting and composting, generally businesses focus on one or more services:

The Worm Expert- Demonstrate and teach others to start their own bins.
They typically sell bins & worms at their events and classes as well. Urban Worm Girl is a great example. 

Organic Waste Collector- Collect organic waste from individuals and/or businesses & return compost to them later.
Visit Bootstrap Compost to see one in action.

Worms Sales- Sell the worms usually by the pound for bins (yay!) or bait (yikes!)My originals came from De La Ranch.

Vermicompost/Compost, Compost Tea, or Compost Tea Bag Maker
Package and sell the end product. I'm going to focus on compost tea bags and individual smaller bags of compost that are convenient for those with apartments, town homes, or small gardens who don't have a ton of storage space- meaning, the compost arrives and has to get used right away!

A little compost goes a long way...just like a little planning, attention, and excitement!

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