September 6, 2012

Sustainability Fair Exhibit Countdown!

With the Sustainability Fair countdown at only 3 more days, I've been busy getting my act together. Last night, I had the posters (with a cardboard stand up leg in the back) and compost sample labels printed:
Sustainability Fair Poster 
Today, I put together the small compost bag samples and tied on the labels:
Compost Samples
I also enlisted Russ's help with putting the mobile viewable worm bin together. (You may remember from way back when, Russ enjoys helping with the worms when tools are involved.)

First step was finding a wood base and nailing on a mesh top to put inside the bin to keep the air flowing:

worm exhibit
worm exhibit

Next, I put that into the bin and covered it with a layer of newspaper:
worm exhibit
worm exhibit
I found a box to put in the center, so I can keep the worms near the edges for a better view, and then I filled the bottom with finished compost:
worm exhibit
Tomorrow, I'm going to put in some scraps and worms and a top layer so they can make themselves at home and get settled for their big day on Sunday!

In the garden, the compost is working it's wonders- not only did my red pepper FINALLY start to turn red,organic red pepper
but this one side of the plant has FIVE peppers on it!  Go worms!

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