September 6, 2008

The Last Splash of Summer!

Please excuse this mostly non-worm entry today about one of my dogs favorite days of the year!

Animal Friends held their Last Splash of Summer today at Sandcastle. I don't like to brag, but I mooched the idea for this event a few years ago from The Beach Waterpark in Cincinnati and pitched it to an event person for Animal Friends while attending their Mutt Strut. They totally went for it, and now it is in its fourth year, hooray!

I love love love seeing the waterpark being taken over by dogs- especially mine. Benj adores swimming in the pools, but even more, he loves tearing around the deck and checking out the whole scene.

Here's another of him getting in some serious lap time.

If you didn't make it to the Last Splash of Summer, be sure to check out their other animal events, gatherings, classes, etc., or drop them a donation so they can continue their compassionate no-kill mission.

In creepier news, the worms are less than a foot from the top of the Wigwam, I am so geeked! As soon as the feeding/casting pile gets to the top, I can give that special handle a crank and the good stuff will fall to the bottom for collection. Then I can I finally begin production on what will be the most wonderful organic soil conditioner items in the WORLD.

Until then, patience is key and it's more feeding and watering.

Here's to hoping you got your LAST SPLASH of the summer, too!


smack said...

Why is a worm person talking about a dog swim?

Lilli said...

Sometimes I get sidetracked while waiting for my worms to eat and produce- they work kind of slow, so it gives me time to explore other interesting things and events.

I'll try harder to keep on topic!

Dwight said...

Why is a GM stocking a worm farm? Maybe next year he can bring his pooch and enjoy the fun!

Lilli said...