August 7, 2013

The Best of the Bin: A Collection of the Squirmiest Worm Posts

Since I originally started this site to chronicle my adventures with a worm bin, I thought I'd return to my roots (ha ha! worm humor!) and revisit my favorite posts.

Wiggle on, friends!

My first post ever was on July 27, 2007! The worms arrived, shockingly to me at the time, via US Postal Service, and into the bin they went. After all the anticipation, I was immediately bored.
worm bin
Within a year, the herd had multiplied and they were looking for a housing upgrade.

Enter the Wigwam and moving day!
worm wigwam
Some crazy things have happened in the worm wigwam:

-An egg saving mission

- Amazing feedings with boxes of scraps, including these strawberry tops

- Some peachy food and a watermelon ring of honor

- The puzzling pumpkin shells

- A tomato growing fiasco

I even got the opportunity to teach others about vermicomposting with a snappy display and poster at a sustainability fair in my area.

I took my best worm picture ever during the worms most favorite time of the year: Halloween (even though the pic actually appeared in the next post about my trash pickup)!
I started my first (and second!) organic garden using the vermicompost my small herd produced....with great (and delicious!) results!

What's up next? More environmentally friendly adventures, of course!

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