June 25, 2013

OG2013 Update- Compost & Colossal Cucumbers

The time is long overdue for an OG2013 update. By the look of my plants this week, they were ready for a healthy dose of sifted vermicompost.

I say "sifted" (via my high-tech method of a large colander to remove twigs, stems, and seeds), because in a pinch when planting the seedlings, I used "unsifted".

What resulted was a plethora of small plants growing everywhere- and I had no idea what was what. Lesson learned! Sift the vermicompost!

Basically, I put a few large spoonfuls at the base of each plant:
organic tomato and vericompostorganic cucumber and vermicompost
Then I had the gardener's assistant (husband) crawl into the anti-bunny fence and apply vermicompost to the strawberries, lettuce, spinach, and onions: organic gardening and vermicomposting
Next up, he soaked the vermicompost with....
organic garden
you guessed it: RAINWATER!
rain barrelIn my opinion, this year the cucumbers are stealing the show and growing like weeds.
organic cucumbers and vermicompost

organic cucumbers and vermicompost
Do you know the heaviest cucumber ever grown, as recorded at Giant Gardening, was cultivated in England and weighed 27 pounds?! I may break that record this summer!

Which gives me a great idea for a cucumber flavored type of post...

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