March 14, 2013

Worm Flavored Jelly Beans

The weather is almost breaking, and there will be plenty of time in the next few months to post about my early organic gardening to do list (including a heavy infusion of home grown vermicompost on my sleeping garden and one tier totally devoted to strawberriliciousness).

But right now there are lighter topics at hand: JELLY BEANS!

Jelly beans were derived from a middle eastern sweet, but the term was first used in Boston in 1861 and not even linked to Easter until the 1930s- so jelly beans are over 150 years old!

Here's a super snappy video I found that shows how they are made:

One of my co-workers treated us to a Harry Potter candy party this week, which is where the jelly bean and worm worlds collided.

Let me explain!

Here was my share of the Harry Potter loot, including
Butter Beer, Chocolate Frogs, and Bertie Bott's Beans:
harry potter candy
The Butter Beer was ultra-sweet, almost like liquid butterscotch candy with some carbonation. The Chocolate Frogs had crispies and came with a collectible wizard card (hello, Lord Voldemort!).

Looking a little closer, the jelly beans had a legend on the back to tell you what colors were what flavors:
harry potter jelly beans
Look even closer at the third flavor down in the first column:
EARTHWORM! There's even DIRT and GRASS! EWWWWWW! They tasted HORRIBLE!

How fun! Other favorite gross ones were soap, vomit, and booger.

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