December 2, 2012

Unique and Efficient Holiday Lights

Christmas lights are a debatable topic for us immediately following Thanksgiving.  Every year, we claim we are going to change it up and get a whole new holiday lights plan for outside- and every year we do the same icicle, wreath, garland, white lights thing.

Not this year!

At first I was determined to get a disco ball box with the light and reflector that makes it look like it's snowing on your house constantly...until I read the reviews, which all said the mirrors fall off the disco ball, the light only works for two weeks, bad weather ruined the electric components, and on and on with the terrible things that were going to happen. 

But then I took a look at the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section on the page and found a super unique and efficient type of lights: Lawn Lights!

I got two giant sets (2827 sq ft each) to cover both sides of the yard.

Pricey? Yes, but after so many years of having the norm, I was ready to pay for originality. 

In the environmentally friendly department, these LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of use, and each one only uses one outlet and 3-5 watts of power (equivalent to an incandescent nightlight, they say in their FAQs). Plus, I thought they'd have a big enough impact that I didn't need any other outside lights.

The box arrived:
Lawn Lights
And inside were the components to make my yard look like sparkle-land:
Lawn Lights
Pretty simple so far.

Don't these look familiar? (Pay no attention to random dog wandering around!)
Lawn Lights stakes
Just like my garden stakes from this spring! There were extras after setup, so they will get put to use next growing season.

My husband did the install and said it took about an hour for both sets to be spaced and staked. They are connected kind of like a giant net, with about 6-8 feet between lights, and you prop the lights off the ground with the stakes that hold them into place. (Of course I came home and then re-staked them a little more evenly.)

During the day they are pretty much camouflaged in the grass, but at night they look amazing! Cars have been slowing down to take a look, and the effect is really unusual- no one else has anything similar that I've seen, so mission accomplished.

The company says that they can be buried in up to 8 inches of snow and that makes them look even sweeter, so I'm on the lookout for a winter storm...

I'm going to try to take a pic tonight to add to this post of the lights actually in action, but you can also view the gallery from the company to get an idea of the effect they produce- so cool!

In worm news, I turned a ton of Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkins that were ready to be thrown away from friends & relatives into a never-ending wigwam buffet. Hubby de-seeded and chopped up four more this week, so I'm expecting an big increase in vermicompost output this month (and fat worms!).

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