October 7, 2012

Coffee Motivation & Grounds in the Wigwam

Who can live without a cup of joe in the morning?

Here's even more motivation to grab that first cup:

3 Great Reasons to Drink Coffee:

1.  Coffee will put you in a better mood. 
Even a study found in the Archives of Internal Medicine says so.

2.  If you are a sun bunny, it provides extra protection from common forms of skin cancer.

3.  Coffee may keep you smarter as you get older

5 Interesting Coffee Facts:

1.  Coffee beans are not beans! They are actually a type of berry and grow on a tree.

2.  Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant, and 80% of caffeine is consumed in coffee.

3.  35% of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black.

4.  The University of Cambridge invented the webcam to keep watch on its coffeepot.

5.  To drink a lethal dose of caffeine, you'd have to have about 100 cups.

coffee grounds
5 Things To Do with Coffee Grounds:

1.  Of course, my biggest motivation to drink coffee is to collect the grounds for the Worm Wigwam. I recommend doing the feeding while the grounds are pretty fresh. When saving them for over a week, they can get a little smelly.

2.  Use as an ant repellant- ants completely avoid the scent of coffee grounds.

3.  Dry out the grounds in the oven and place in an open bowl in your fridge to eliminate strong odors.

4.  Seep in water to create a brown dye, which can be used on fabric or paper, or even applied to nicks in brown furniture.

5.  How brave are you? Coffee grounds can be used a skin exfoliant. Even braver? Rub the grounds around in brown hair to improve the shine. I'll admit, I'm not this brave. Let me know how that works out for you if you try.

1 Great Way to Go Green Buying Coffee:
If you are going green, try to buy coffee varieties that have Organic, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly, or Rainforest Alliance seals on the packaging. These are grown on farms practicing sustainable growing methods to protect other ecosystems.

I'm done spilling the beans for now...coming soon, my first organic garden gets put to bed for the winter.

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Mitchel @ CheapSheds said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for those facts. I really learned a lot from this post. I really love coffee. Thanks!

Jill.BF said...

You are very welcome- now for a refill :)