August 27, 2010

Updates So Good, You Could Eat Them

Here's an update on some of the vermicompost projects from this past season at my house:
  • Despite a freeze out in February, one of my tropical plants that was planted in 1/4 of worm casting lived through the catastrophe and is now residing happily on my deck during these tropical-like conditions in Pittsburgh- I haven't read any studies about castings providing additional protection during frosts, but you never know!
  • My cherry tomato and regular tomato plants planted in 1/3 worm castings had a great showing- probably about 20 little cherry tomatoes and so far about 10 regular tomatoes (4 more still green)- research shows that castings cause plants to have higher yields.
  • The other shrubs around my house got a dose of castings and have almost made it through their hottest summer yet...don't forget, the castings are able to retain more water than regular soil!
Delicious delicacies I've included the harvest in:
  • Spanish rice (DO NOT confuse green chilies with jalapenos! BIG MISTAKE!)
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Breakfast wraps (scrambled egg, cheese, and tomatoes)
  • Tomato sauce and marinara sauce
  • Grilled chicken and steak salads
  • Tomato and cucumber salad
Also, side note- a friend of mine's parents had a huge crop of cucumbers, and they introduced me to the easiest cucumber salad EVER: slice up the cucumbers in a big bowl, add some finely chopped onions, sea salt, and drizzle with raspberry vinaigrette.  Let it refrigerate over night, and get ready for the taste explosion!

Happy harvesting!


SimplyForties said...

Heading over to your new site but glad to have the update. I left my worms in Virginia with the farm owners and I really miss them every time I throw a food scrap into the trash.

Hope all is well with you!

Lilli said...

Thanks so much! I am creeping toward my simply forties, lol....

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babbler said...

I am simply enthralled with your worms and paddling photos! As a mollusk I adore everything watery and other creatures who thrive in it. Happy splashing and crawling! Congrats on the flotilla in the burgh! Love, from Mrs. Slug over here at Slug's Rest in Oregon. I am from "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends." That is how I found you, I was blog sliding! :)