December 13, 2009

Worm Bin Under Arrest!

When I was growing up, my Mom would get real angry when people would leave up holiday decorations past their time. Because of this, I called her the holiday police.

The problem happens a lot between Halloween and see all kinds of people with their jack-o-lanterns on their porches like, right up until the day before Thanksgiving. At least turn their faces around!

Another rush (or lack of it!) occurs after Christmas, when some aren't inclined to put away the lights until the Easter bunny hops up and snatches them down.

The holiday police would have a major arrest on the worm bin this week, as I noticed the Halloween pumpkins I put inside continue to sprout and grow no matter how deep I bury them and no matter how far past their season it is. Here's the recent sprout collection:
worm wigwamI just pull them out and rebury them so they rot and the worms can just eat them.

That's the only problem with unloading Halloween pumpkins into the Wigwam- the never-ending growing season with the seeds!

I haven't been using peat moss at the top of the bin lately, and I've noticed the bin is a lot drier. The peat moss must hold a significant amount of water and keep it at the top of the bin longer than just with scraps and castings.

Looks like I will be giving the wormies a healthy gift of peat moss this year for Christmas!


Mary said...

Hi Lilli! My poor worms are not directly competing with my chickens! I put the pumpkin out for the chickens and the quickly slurped up all the seeds but were uninterested in the meat. After giving them a few days to change their mind, I picked it back up and gave it to the worms. The only really good collaboration they've had! Happy Holidays to you!

Lilli said...

Happy Holidays to you, too!

andrea said...

been missing wormy stories :)