May 17, 2008

Big Digs

First- the castings I used on my flowers are working GREAT. I planted perennial bulbs in four pots and more around the sides of the house- ALL of them are coming up! If it ever quits raining, I can go out and take some pics to prove it. I may need to retreat to an ark soon.

Second- if you didn't go to the Venture Outdoors Festival, you missed a great time. I bought an environmentally-conscious Keen bag real cheap to lug all my stuff to work, me & the hubby & the poochie got to take a kayak ride, we got a free sycamore tree to plant courtesy of the Allegheny Land Trust, and learned about a sustainable feast and hiking challenge on the Rachel Carson Trail.

worm wigwamFinally- I got my new Worm Wigwam set up today!

A few concerns I have about the worms' new BIG DIGS: the instructions say its best to start with 20 lbs. of worms- about 10 lbs. less than I have right now- so I'm just gonna pray for an active next few weeks in the worm love department.

Next, my current bins are real contained- specifically, they have screened tops so I don't have to worry about unwanted visitors. The Wigwam looks like there might be potential for intruders- nothing big, just a few cracks/gaps that I'll have to cover with the extra screen just to be safe.

On the productive business front, I've been collecting advice and edits on my slowly growing business plan and I'm looking forward to picking a logo and working on some web copy soon soon soon.

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