January 13, 2008


Things aren't always what they seem- that would have to be the theme phrase for today.

FINALLY, I kicked into high gear with the wormies and weighed, moved, and cleaned up their area. However, the results were not as spectacular as I had dreamed.

First off, if you've been reading this blog you understand that worm progress is mind-numbingly slow...almost past the point of watching paint dry. They move slow (you can figure this one out), they eat slow (one batch of food per week for thousands), and apparently they mate slow (go figure). Now, don't get me wrong- if this was any other business or endeavor and I ended up with three times as many of anything else, I'd be jumping for joy.

Worms give your dreams a chance to take hold and fly like crazy, because you can't really see exactly what they're up to til Moving and Weighing Day. And in my imagination, I pictured worms so overjoyed and elated to have found such a wonderful, magnificent home and such delicious carefully prepared scraps that they were wildly slithering far more copiously than your regular old hum-drum worm. I guess I was wrong.

I started with one pound (about 1,000) worms back in August.

Right now in January, about five months later, I have a little over three pounds. (In my imagination, I had about six pounds. )

I separated them more evenly this time and put one pound in each bin.

One bright spot was that I saw lots of babies, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next few months!