November 13, 2007

Pumkin Eaters

This story loses points for timeliness... but the wormies enjoyed Halloween by eating all the insides of the pumpkins we carved! Also, they got a bunch of rotten bananas after our eyes were bigger than our appetite for bananas last week at the grocery store.

Moving on (they are happy, healthy, and crawly- all a new worm farmer could wish for!)- time to discuss my new favorite fruit this week- pomegranates. They are yummy and interesting and bitter sweet and take a lot of effort to eat. I mean, like by the time you are done cutting, soaking, and picking out the good arils, you have probably burned all the calories that are in the whole thing.

I swear next week I'll get back to concentrating on worms. Worm farming is just so easy and requires so little energy and focus, that it's easy to leave your little friends hanging (both the ones in the bin and the ones expecting to read a worm-type blog).

I promise next time I'll be buying up more bins and weighing worms- just you wait and see! I'll use that scale yet!!!