September 16, 2007

Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?

Because worms are slow. I've told people for forever I'm moving the worms into new bins. However, I was planning that out at MY work pace, not THEIRS. These worms have turned me into a liar, because I've had these three bins for a few weeks now, waiting patiently for them to finish this last large batch of scraps so they can move on up into their new digs. They are STILL finishing up, and eating most of the newspaper while they are at it. The bin is about 50-60% worm poo at this point, particularly at the farthest side.

I am moving on without them for now. Next steps are to cut holes in the new bin tops, line them with screen, and put the drainage holes in the bottom so it doesn't get too mushy and wet inside. I am supposed to dump the first bin onto a tarp, sort out the castings vs. the worms, and fill the new containers with damp peat/coffee grinds/shredded newspaper, and weigh the worms. There had better be more than a pound, let me tell you! With these optimal conditions, I am expecting increase.

Sidenote: I was in Walmart the other day tree and plant shopping, and what did I see but a giant display with the words "WORM POO" real big. WHAT? Some dang worm poo company got into Walmart and just comes right out and says "WORM POO"....BUT....then I read the label and there is more than just worm poo in there. That made me kind of ticked, not to mention the fact it seemed to be in plastic containers? WHAT???

My issues with this are:
1. Worm poo by itself is the great organic natural fertilizer, why mess with it, and
2. So much for saving the earth with your plastic container! Sheesh!
I got myself all worked up and was shouting at my husband and could barely continue to shop.